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Gelatin Strikes Again

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It's official, I have become a groupy of the outrageous Viennese art collective Gelatin, famous for creating art that is kind of gross and definitely weird. Naturally, they have ended up on Boing Boing with their most recent project, Hase (Rabbit, 2005), by way of an article (One Blooming Big Bunny, September 20) on the Guardian News Blog. It's an enormous reclining pink rabbit, 200 feet long, installed on a hill in northern Italy and intended to remain there until 2025. Another of the group's stunts that I had missed was a project called Nasser Klumpatsch (The Ride), during which several members of the collective rode about a thousand miles, from Vienna to Sofia, Bulgaria, on motorcycles. Along the way, they took photographs of things that tickled their fancy, which was apparently just about every example of roadkill that they came across.

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