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A Beautiful Day in the Chelsea Hood

doorIt could not have been a more beautiful day in Chelsea this past Saturday. Doors were thrown open (Bortolami Dayan Gallery, shown at right), windows too, and the air was off. Much nicer than August: I like it this way best.

Starting up on 28th, one of my favorite spaces is for rent. I’ve been waiting for some time, but JG Contemporary is not going to exhibit here any longer. Such a great little storefront space, it reminded me of a simpler time in SoHo. Claire Oliver's new, to me, space on 26th has some interesting paintings by Peter Drake.

Lots of photo exhibits, Lennon Weinberg has the ghostly apparitions of Laura Larson, Mitch Epstein at Sikkema Jenkins, and an extensive Diane Arbus show at Robert Miller, and some scary pole dancers at Pace: they could hurt someone. Nancy Margolis is showing Justin Novak’s clay figurines of the Abu Ghraib tortures, complete with looney Lindy and her dog leash. Back to earth with Susan Belton’s Coffee Collection at George Billis, a deal at $950.00 each.

pearlsteinPhilip Pearlstein is showing at Betty Cuningham. He's painting more of the figure in an environment, as opposed to an in-your-face composition, juxtaposed with somewhat bizarre props. I like his frames and the canvas tape around the edge of the canvas. A fairly new gallery and beautiful light-filled space at 530 W. 25th, Larissa Goldston, is showing two large wall drawing/collages of Brad Brown, with many small framed works. Some beautiful combinations of paper textures and color.

phelpsThree to see are Roy Lichtenstein’s three-dimensional paintings at Gagosian. They’re great. It’s a treat to see so many of them together. The gallery was filled for Saturday star watching. I think there’s some money passing through this place, too, a little. Second is Danica Phelps at Zach Feuer. Set aside some time, as her work takes some immersion. The walls are full of diaries, which can get tedious, but the drawings are very engaging (got a little Hirschfeld looping in them): it’s well worth the plunge. Third, Jack Shainman has an incredible installation/soundscape with drawing machines, by Jean-Pierre Gauthier. A room full of winding tubes, wires, and electronics making what appear to be random drawings; but are they? The artist of the future: it's a lot of fun to experience.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Mark, makes me wish I could come to Chelsea!

A funny case of language differences over "the air was off" - my first reading was "the air's bad" which did not make sense in the context. Then I realized it means the air conditioning was shut off. hehe!

Mark Barry said...

Thanks. :) It was perfect weather for strolling around, as is today. So much to see. Dosen't mean there's no hot air in Chelsea though.

Princess Alpenrose said...

Mark's bio says he's based in Baltimore, but there's no Chelsea in Baltimore area. I hate to seem stupid but I need to know (you gotta sing this like the Carmen Sandiego theme song, okay?)

Where in the World is ... Mark Barry?

Mark Barry said...

There is so a Chelsea in Balteemore Hon, I had dinner with her last night.

Princess Alpenrose said...

"Had dinner with her", eh? So that's what you're calling it ... Does she live in Highlandtown, Hon?

There's a Chelsea neighborhood in London, and there's a Chelsea neighborhood in New York City. I'm guessing Mark's ... in the Big Apple!

Do I get a prize now for guessing where someone's writing from or would somehow identifying the city in the body of one's report be considered simply polite journalism ... ?

Mark Barry said...

You win an ionarts coffee mug! (They're on order) The Chelsea I write about is in Ny. I pay most of my taxes in Baltimore.

Princess Alpenrose said...

Okay, thanks, I'd be sincerely honored to own an original ionarts coffee mug! (In our family, you're not a Wallenberger if caffeine doesn't flow in your veins...) I'm a big ionarts fan!

E-mail me and I'll give you the address. andreaburnsworth@

It's in Bawlmer, hon!