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Alsop After All...

Marin Alsop
Marin Alsop
After the 'dissent' of objecting Baltimore Symphony Orchestra musicians at the prospect of Marin Alsop becoming their new music director (reported in the NYT, Washington Post here and here, as well as the Baltimore Sun and on Ionarts), the "orchestra's board made the appointment Tuesday over the objections of the overwhelming majority" anyway (from the Associated Press, reported in the Post and Sun). Apparently convinced that they have found their perfect choice of a media darling and sponsor-popular conductor, the board decided to stick with their initial choice, and the musicians (an alleged 90% were reported to be at unease with her appointment) better get used to her, dammit.

The decision surprises - but then... not really. Boards are likely to think that a conductor who can help the BSO to perform well with donors, sponsors, and possibly the public will be more beneficial to the organization than the happiness of its members. The players, the rationale may be, will get used to him/her sooner or later. If this process and the appearance of the board riding roughshod over the orchestra's objections does not augur well for the beginning of the Alsop-BSO relationship, at least they have a year's worth of trying to make the best of it before Ms. Alsop takes up her new post. For those who now lack choice may make the best of hope.

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