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Vilaine Fille Miraculeuse

Well, just when I thought it was impossible to draw forth blood from a stone, Vilaine Fille has somehow convinced A. C. Douglas at sounds & fury to entertain the thought of listening to Verdi's Don Carlos. I was already an ardent admirer of Marion Lignana Rosenberg's blog and critical writing, although I have yet to point this out in an appropriate way. In my unabashed francophilie, I can only be impressed by a woman who has derived her blog's name from a song by Serge Gainsbourg (her professed "patron saint") and who has a birthday post in honor of one of my favorite writers, Michel de Montaigne. Let's face it: we francophiles have to stick together in today's United States. Our Secretary of State's recent charm tour in Paris notwithstanding, we will soon be gathered into reeducation camps by our Republican overlords. ("Just put down the roquefort, sir, nice and slow!") I am truly honored to be on her Mauvais garçons list. Gros bisous!

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