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This is not really an art subject, but it is somewhat related to design and function. Color also plays a big role. Namely, choosing a car.

I have for some time driven a gas-guzzling SUV. I admit it, several of them, and I'm not proud, although I am proud that we never missed a payment. Once you get used to driving the big monsters it's difficult to go back to a small car. For one it's mean out there on the road, and the laws of physics side on bigger being safer in a crash. My second reason is cargo room for delivering paintings and supplies. For many years we did the craft show circuit with my wife Sandy's ceramics, and a big car worked great.

I like cars, new cars, and even the dealership experience can be a fun challenge, although time-consuming. With the hundreds of choices out there, the pickings are slim. The more car makers that get bought up by big corporate makers (especially American, Ford, GM), the more cars tend to look generic and uninspiring. Not a lot of innovation going on with styling or efficiency. So many cars look alike. My needs are mostly practical: simple, unique design and reasonable cost to maintain. It most importantly has to have access and space to hold several mid-sized paintings. If a large work or a whole show needs to be delivered, a rental van works best. With that in mind I'm always looking for the perfect fit, a dreamer.

The dream car of choice unfortunately is still a concept, the forthcoming VW Microbus. It's a beauty. Retro design, spacious, unique. It's now schedualed for a 2007 production, light years away, and there is already talk of design changes to satisfy a larger market (in other words, think boring).

Well, to tide me over I went for my best choice available: the Honda Element. It's a very cool car. Totally functional, you can hose out the interior after a play day. Mine is all-wheel drive, for those landscape painting, surf-fishing adventures, or city curb hopping. I had a real pleasant surprise at the gas pump, too. For now it's my dream car.

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