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Babar the Elephant goes to the Kennedy Center

I grew up with Babar the Elephant. There was nothing that was not to love about the green-suited pachydermian and his friends. There might have been a brief time, in the teenage years, where I wouldn't have actively sought out Babar in a concert hall or a similar such place. But like most silly phases, that, too, passed.

If you are also not of that brief awkward age of not loving Babar, you might think of heading to the Kennedy Center on Sunday, where Raphael Mostel's orchestral version of "Babar’s Return to the Land of the Elephants", from "The Travels of Babar" by Jean de Brunhoff will be performed by the National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Steven Reineke, and narrated by Regina Aquino. It was a smash hit when it played at the Philharmonie in Berlin; it looks like Babar might trample all over audiences in Washington, too. It's all happening at the Kennedy Center at 2PM and again at 4PM.

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