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On ClassicsToday: Major Discovery - Orff’s Surprising Gisei

Major Discovery: Orff’s Surprising Gisei

by Jens F. Laurson
Carl Orff is–just behind Johann Pachelbel, who dominated my unscientific Twitter poll on the topic–the quintessential one-hit composer. It’s Carmina-or-bust with him. He hits all the criteria: His one hit is very famous and the fame-disparity between that hit and his next-best-known work (Die Kluge?... Continue Reading

FYI: Here's Charles' review of this release: Briefly Noted: Orff's 'Gisei' Lives Again

Orff: Gisei - The Sacrifice ("Das Opfer"), Vorspiel

Orff: Gisei - The Sacrifice ("Das Opfer"), Dann? tiefste Nacht

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