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On Forbes: Oh Danny, What Have You Done Now?

Picture of Daniel Hope © Nicolas Zonvi

Over on, I have published a bit of background information on the controversy regarding Daniel Hope's very successful attempt at suppressing a YouTube 'shred' that included him... and how he went just a little beyond that, for good measure. Bit of an ugly tale that composer-pianist-writer Moritz Eggert brought to the fore with his superb open letter to Mr. Hope. (Provided in full, translated, in the Forbes article.)

Trouble In Berlin: Whatever You Do, Don't Make A Shred Video Of Superstar Violinist Daniel Hope

"Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel? Well, Daniel Hope would, or so it seems from this open letter to the violinist, written by composer-pianist-writer Moritz Eggert in response to a spat over a YouTube "shred" that had appeared with Hope as one of the main subjects."

Link to article here.

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