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Michelle DeYoung, The Tone

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Mahler, Das Klagende Lied, M. DeYoung (inter alii), San Francisco Symphony, M. Tilson Thomas
(Sony, 1997)
Charles T. Downey, Michelle DeYoung’s big voice shakes the rafters in Terrace Theater (Washington Post, May 2)
Mezzo-soprano Michelle DeYoung has a big voice, which she deployed to blazing effect in a recital Sunday afternoon at the Kennedy Center Terrace Theater, presented by Vocal Arts D.C. One could complain, perhaps, about a lack of subtlety, but subtlety is not only about volume. While DeYoung shook the rafters at times, she revealed a love of reciting poetry in music, especially in German, which is the most important quality for a vocal recital.

A Brahms set was an ideal opening, with accompanist Kevin Murphy matching DeYoung ideally in tone and volume. This was big-boned Brahms, the bass-leaning piano parts setting the mood for DeYoung’s dark, intense sound... [Continue reading]
Michelle DeYoung, mezzo-soprano
Kevin Murphy, piano
Vocal Arts D.C.
Kennedy Center Terrace Theater

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