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The Results of the 2015 Chopin Competition are In, Ey!

1st prize and gold medal - Seong-Jin Cho (South Korea)
2nd prize and silver medal - Charles Richard-Hamelin (Canadia)
3rd prize and bronze medal - Kate Liu (USA)
4th prize - Eric Lu (USA)
5th prize - Yike (Tony) Yang (Canadia)
6th prize - Dmitry Shishkin (Russia)

The First prize comes with €30k attached to it, the Second with €25, and Sixth still gets €7k.

Special Prize for Best Polonaise: Seong-Jin Cho
Special Prize for Best Mazurka: Kate Liu
Special Prize for Best Concerto: Not Given (understandably; had I had to decide, I’d have handed it to Szymon Nehring)
Krystian Zimerman Prizefor Best Sonata: Charles Richard-Hamelin

Honorable mentions were handed to the other finalists: Aljoša Jurinić, Aimi Kobayashi, Szymon Nehring, and Georgijs Osokins… which basically means that they didn’t totally disgrace the Chopin Competition during the Finals but other than that: Thanks for nothing. Oh, and €4k.

I’ll have a larger piece on the Finals up on Forbes this week... links to the winners' performances on YouTube will be added.

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