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Tchaikovsky Competition in Final Round

You may already have been following the 15th Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which concludes its third and final round today. Viewers worldwide have been able to stream the competition online, but if you want to catch up, you can also stream the competition on demand. The piano competition has come down to six finalists: the Russian-trained Lukas Geniušas (from Lithuania), Sergey Redkin, Daniel Kharitonov, and Dmitry Masleev; Frenchman Lucas Debargue; and the American prodigy George Li, still only 19, whom you may recall from his appearance on the NPR show From the Top, when he was 10. The Tchaikovsky is a notoriously grueling competition, with the final round requiring each contestant to play two major concertos back to back, and the listener has to slog through enough Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, and Liszt to stun a small cat. If that is not enough, you can watch all of the first and second rounds, too, and the competitions in violin, cello, and voice.

Watch the contestants in the final round:


Gene said...

It would be refreshing to hear a Mozart concerto for a change!

jfl said...

Indeed... and more telling of the performer's abilities, I should think.