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Dip Your Ears, No. 171 (Orchestral Eduard Franck)

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Eduard Franck, Roman Carnival Overture, Concert Piece for Violin & Orchestra, Fantasy for Orchestra op.16, Concert Overture for large Orchestra op.12
C.Erdinger / O.Rudner / Württemberg Phil. Reutlingen
audite 97686

Musical Sunshine

Eduard Franck (ditto his son Richard) is an ingenious chamber music composer whose output has been championed by the Audite label and Franck-veteran violinist Christiane Edinger. Now they turn their attention to Eduard’s orchestral output, including a rustic-operatic overture that is comically true to the clichés its title, Roman Carnival, promises. It’s followed by a gorgeous miniature violin concerto with a simple, memorably charming tune. Like the Orchestral Fantasy, this is music with a genial La-Z-Boy quality about it and, yes, a touch on the harmless side. But when it’s as well done as here, what’s wrong with musical sunshine and cotton candy?

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