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Oh Dear, Poor Actaeon

Charles T. Downey, At the Kennedy Center, Opera Lafayette performs Charpentier’s ‘Actéon’
Washington Post, May 4, 2013

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M.-A. Charpentier, Actéon, A. Sheehan, Boston Early Music Festival, P. O'Dette, S. Stubbs
(cpo, 2010)
The vengeful gods of ancient Greece devised devilishly clever punishments. The hunter Actaeon found that out when he glimpsed Artemis bathing in a pool. The goddess, her chastity offended, transformed Actaeon into a stag, to be hunted down and killed by his own pack of dogs.

The legend was the subject of “Actéon,” a hunting party pastoral composed in 1684 by Marc-Antoine Charpentier, given a rare revival by Opera Lafayette on Thursday night at the Kennedy Center Terrace Theater.
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Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Actéon
Rameau, Les Fêtes de l’Hymen et de l’Amour (excerpts)
Opera Lafayette
Kennedy Center Terrace Theater

1 comment:

Gary said...

I went to this and thought it was just delightful. It made me long for more Baroque opera in the DC area, especially a fully staged one.