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Quicksilver's Washington Debut

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Charles T. Downey, Quicksilver offers night of discoveries at Dumbarton Oaks
Washington Post, January 15, 2013

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Stile Moderno: New Music from the 17th Century, Quicksilver
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When Dieterich Buxtehude is by far the best-known composer on a concert program, you know you are in for a night of discoveries. The others surveyed by the historically informed performance ensemble Quicksilver at its Washington concert debut, on Sunday at Dumbarton Oaks, also worked at some point in Germany or Austria in the 17th century. Their names — Matthias Weckmann, Antonio Bertali, Johann Schmelzer, Johann Kaspar Kerll, Nicolaus a Kempis — are mostly found in the footnotes of music history textbooks.

These pieces for instruments, mainly sonatas, were meant to divert the ear, with several moods and tempos in succession over a concise single movement. This musical approach was called the “stylus phantasticus,” because miniature, intricate worlds can be contained in the 10-minute spans. [Continue reading]
Music of 17th-century Germany
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1 comment:

John said...

I found this an entrancing concert, as heard Monday night. Great sympathy of musical approach, aided by that lovely room. Quicksilver eliminated two pieces from the program, perhaps having heard comments resembling Charles's. The variety within each piece, however, was such that it was hard to be bored.