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In Brief: August Already Edition

Here is your regular Sunday selection of links to good things in Blogville and Beyond.
  • Belgian artist Thierry De Cordier built one of his most important buildings, De kapel van het niets (The Chapel of Nothing), in Duffel on the grounds of a psychiatric hospital. De Cordier, whose preferred media are paint and sculpture, is an atheist and outspoken critic of established churches: why would he build a chapel? Its dimensions (some pictures here) "correspond to the golden number beloved of the Greeks (10 meters long, 4 meters wide, and 7 meters high)." It looks like a black box from the outside, covered with thick roofing, while inside everything is white, with only a simple bench at one end; a hole in the ceiling extends that whiteness into the space above. [La Libre Belgique]

  • Yes, we were looking forward to hearing Christine Brewer's new Strauss recording, too. Someone thinks it may be in the running for Best Album of the Year. [Out West Arts]

  • One of the culture blogs that was around before Ionarts came into being has ceased operations after eight years. Ave atque vale! [2Blowhards]

  • Another favorite blog has also reached its eighth anniversary and is still going strong. Chapeau! [Languagehat]

  • Kyle Gann tells us about Robert Ashley's opera Atalanta, something I would like to hear sometime. [Postclassic]

  • Tyler Green has put together another tournament bracket, this time asking readers to vote for their favorite art museums in head-to-head competition. [Modern Art Notes]

  • Jessica Duchen, lucky soul, is at the Verbier Festival and is writing a series of posts about the experience. [Standpoint]

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