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Seraphic Teen Harpists Pedal Their Wares

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Read my review published today on the Washington Post Web site:

Charles T. Downey, Teen harpists show their pluck
Washington Post, July 2, 2010

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Defying the Limits,
American Youth Harp Ensemble
The desperate concert-goer in the summer months may consider a performance that at other times of the year might not seem worthwhile, and that can be a good thing. One might be among the fifty or so intrepid audience members who discovered the American Youth Harp Ensemble, which played a concert at the Austrian Embassy on Wednesday night.

Based in Richmond, this touring ensemble of ten teenage harpists (and one versatile percussionist) is the most visible component of a program of music education, youth mentorship, and volunteer service created by Lynnelle Ediger-Kordzaia, a harpist and former public school music teacher. The background story provided the feel-good part of the evening, listening to talented kids who had absorbed so clearly the lessons of commitment, diligent practice, and self-discipline that music can teach. One of the musicians, Ian McVoy, even celebrated just having completed eighth grade by taking a solo turn in a piece he arranged himself for the ensemble. [Continue reading]
American Youth Harp Ensemble
Austrian Cultural Forum
Embassy of Austria

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