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Best Recordings of 2009 (#5)

Time for a review of classical CDs that were outstanding in 2009. My lists for the previous years: 2008, (2008 - "Almost") 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004.

# 5 - New Release

Beethoven, Cello Sonatas 1-3, Friedrich Kleinhapl & Andreas Woyke, ARS Produktion 38035

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L.v.Beethoven, Cello Sonatas 1-3,
Kleinhapl & Woyke
The quality of Friedrich Kleinhapl’s and Andreas Woyke’s playing and their Beethoven interpretation leave no room for any misgivings with these three cello sonatas. This is refreshingly gutsy Beethoven playing of the highest order, ferocious and musical. It would be an awkward performance, actually, if it were not for the pianist Woyke to excel at least every bit as much as Kleinhapl on his 1743 Guadagnini (“ex von Zweygberg”). Woyke doesn’t ‘accompany’, he leads, he embellishes and intensifies along with Kleinhapl, and reins his partner in when necessary. Were it not for the delicious sound of Kleinhapl’s cello, even when he abuses the poor instrument, the interpretation might be titled: “It’s the pianism, stupid.” One hopes that this disc doesn't have any marketing problems in the UK or Commonwealth countries for being on the ARS Produktion label. (WETA Interview)

# 5 - Reissue

Haydn, Early London Symphonies (Nos.93-98), George Szell, Cleveland Orchestra, Sony

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J.Haydn, Symphonies 93-98,
Szell / Cleveland O.
Impeccable Haydn, with a dry wit that suits the music particularly well, Szell’s Haydn has always been thought of well, and it will only gain more fans with this reissue of the “Early London Symphonies”. There is nothing flashy here, just exceedingly fine craftsmanship and great musicality that doesn’t try to express itself by waving arms where a wink suffices. Crisp attacks, rattling fortissimos, light-footed pianissimos, and unerring tastefulness put these interpretations up alongside the best from any period—from Thomas Beecham, Eugen Jochum, and Colin Davis to Sigiswald Kuijken, Frans Brüggen, and Adám Fischer (MDG).

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