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Thielemann Signs Up With Dresden, Leaves Munich

Earlier today it became official: Christian Thielemann has signed a contract to be the next Music Director of the Staatskapelle Dresden starting 2011. This does not come entirely unsuspected—the orchestra and conductor have been considered a natural and likely fit since the news of Thielemann’s contract not being renewed in Munich first broke. (As reported here, here, and here.) But the news also comes at a time when there was increasing hope for a compromise in Munich that would finally end the kindergarten-level quarrel over responsibilities...

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Anonymous said...

The discussion was far from kindergarten-level as it concerned responsibility for repertoire and hiring guest conductors and soloists. Given Thielemann's limitations with regard to repertoire, the conflict was all but unavoidable.

rudolf grainger said...

Oh, but it was Kindergarten-level in that adults were incapable of coming together on an issue that should not have been one... in that all involved seemed incapable of acting like reasonable, rational adults.

Of course the next conductor in Munich won't have his powers curtailed... no sane conductor would ever allow for that. But a good number of orchestra musicians wanted to take CT down a peg. Well, now the orchestra is likely going to be taken down a few pegs. As the full article says: The orchestra suffers from too high a sense of self. If the same is true for CT, it's understandable in the case of a condctor (and he really does achieve things). It's ruinous with an orchestra, though.