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Thielemann to Leave Munich in 2011 (?)

As reported, the Munich cultural affairs department decided not to renew Christian Thielemann's contract as music director of the Munich Philharmonic beyond 2011. A Munich council spokesperson now claims that even though Thielemann shows signs of being ready for compromise, that's the last word.

As the lights go on in Bayreuth, the Wagner festival's new musical advisor, Christian Thielemann, is having trouble at home in Munich. Music critics say losing the star conductor is a tragedy for the city.

The writing had been on the wall for several days, yet the decision, when it came, still sent shockwaves through Munich's cultural scene and well beyond. Christian Thielemann, chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic since 2004, will not have his contract renewed when it expires in 2011...

Responding to the decision for the first time publicly on Friday, Thielmann held out the possibility of a compromise in the dispute, suggesting that performance decisions could be agreed upon by a committee of colleagues. In a statement released by his lawyer, he said he hoped the council's decision would not spell the end of negotiations, "as final as it sounds."

...continued at Deutsche Welle.

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