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In Brief: We Remember Edition

Here is your regular Sunday selection of links to good things in Blogville and Beyond.

  • In honor of Memorial Day, the rather amazing story told by the father of a soldier who died in Iraq. During a visit to Washington, he happened to meet the nurse who had been on duty as a trauma nurse when his son died. [NPR Storycorps]

  • In case you missed my link earlier in the week, we warmly welcome Washington Post critic Philip Kennicott to the wild world of blogging. He singles out the same Marie-Nicole Lemieux Frauenliebe disc reviewed here recently (as did Alex Ross). [Philip Kennicott]

  • As promised earlier in the year, Lawrence Johnson, has franchised his South Florida Classical Review with a new Web site, this time in a market where the newspapers are still trying to cover classical music. [Chicago Classical Review]

  • Hee hee. You know things are bad for newspapers when the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette tries to get Sidney Crosby to cover the Eastern Conference finals. [The Onion]

  • If you see me at a concert with some slashes on my face, it's the Internet's fault. We give you the latest YouTube phenomenon, cat yodeling. Here, kitty-kitty! [I Can Has Cheezburger]

  • Hahaha, as someone who has given a few pre-concert lectures, I love this: "Pre-concert lectures address the problem of boredom using the vaccination principle -- a little self-inflicted tedium before the concert inoculates the listener against greater tedium later on." With hat tip to Greg Sandow, a hilarious "behavior guide" for new classical music concert-goers. [Williamsport Symphony Orchestra]

  • Monsieur C- would love this one -- even police offers think that parking enforcement around Judiciary Square is out of control. Why? Because they are GETTING LOTS OF PARKING TICKETS FOR PARKING ILLEGALLY, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Welcome to the real world. [Washington Examiner]

  • I like the sleek look of this cool piano. [Monotonous Forest]

  • Stephen Colbert on the issue of priestly celibacy: "Sorry, Father, but Catholics with options are called protestants." [Colbert Report]

  • With hat tip to ArtsJournal, medieval paintings about the murder of Thomas Becket found in a church in Spain. [BBC News]

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