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Folding the Page: The End of Ionarts

Ionarts has been covering the classical music scene in the Washington area and abroad for almost six years, growing from humble beginnings to become a widely read online magazine. Well, it has been quite a ride, and we thank all of you who have been faithful readers. Sadly, traditional blog publications like ours have been facing increasing competition from the new voices of the online media -- newspaper journalists starting blogs. As reported here yesterday, Anne Midgette, the classical music critic of the Washington Post, has even started a blog. Obviously, these new-fangled newspaper-blogs have rendered Ionarts superfluous, and today we must face that fact. To try to cope with these changes in how readers want to receive information, Ionarts will now be published only in a daily newsprint edition. Those who do not want to buy Ionarts for 35¢ at the newsstand are encouraged to write our circulation office to arrange a subscription. We hear that this medium is even hotter than Twitter with all the kids.

Thanks for all the nice comments about our pretended demise: fear not, for we will be back tomorrow, as we have been every day since 2003. As you have all discovered by now -- April Fool!

Special thanks to Marc Fisher of the Washington Post, for including us in his D.C. April Fool's Roundup.


Anonymous said...

Happy April Fools!

Anonymous said...

Haha...I felt for it completely until I reached "daily newsprint edition". Well played, sirs.

Bruce Hodges said...

For just a few moments, until the final sentences, I fell for it--hook, line and sinker. The anxious thought: "Man, if ionarts can't make it, the rest of us better hang it up, too."

Great fun, guys.

Alex said...

Jesus...only april fools thing that has gotten me all day. That would've been SUCH a bummer.

Mark Barry said...

so the monthly checks WILL go out?

Charles T. Downey said...

Mark, you will get the same amount you have every month! ;-)