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Anne Midgette, Blogger

Anne Midgette has been the classical music critic at the Washington Post since last summer. We have been following the trend of newspaper critics being migrated, either by choice or necessity, to the Internet to write what are, essentially, blogs. It is no secret that the Post has been reducing the size of its daily page load, cutting things like a Books section and, most recently, its Business section. The Style section and others also continue to get smaller. Fortunately, classical music will continue to have a presence on those shrinking pages, and other reviews will appear online.

Anne has actually been interested in writing a blog for a long time, and it is finally happening at the Post. Beginning today, Anne will be blogging at a new Washington Post blog called The Classical Beat. You should add it to your blogrolls, RSS feed readers, and so on. One of the features it will include is a daily list of all of the Post's classical music reviews, in print and online only, in one place. I will still link to my Post reviews from Ionarts, but you will want to check Anne's blog for all of the others. Remember -- clicking on them is the best way to let the editors know that you want to read classical music reviews. Adding a comment is even better.


Anonymous said...

Alas, Anne's blog feed isn't working with Google Reader. A temporary glitch, one hopes.

In any case, I shall do more than add The Classical Beat to my blogroll - I shall add it to the 'Resources' page of my classical music reviews blog/site.


Anonymous said...

As the immortal George Costanza used to say: shrinkage!