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Mass in B-Minor with Visa Problems

The Washington Chorus will present Bach's grand Mass in B-minor on November 16th with, among others, renown counter-tenor Daniel Taylor and tenor Charles Daniels, both associated with the Theatre of Early Music, a Montreal based early music group and choir, of which Taylor is the director. A promising assembly, but they will have to make due without another baroque specialist: The mezzo-soprano Clare Wilkinson (UK) who is scheduled to sing won't be able to come, because the London consulate would not issue her visa without a personal appearance. (She was on tour in Spain at the time, which complicated compliance somewhat.)

Well done, Homeland Security [D.O.S.] -- another successful day of keeping the early music crowd outside the country. (Does Pinchas Zukerman have a hand in this?)


Anonymous said...

Technically, it's the Department of State (Condi Rice) that issues visas, not DHS. And there are several reasons why the U.S. Consulate in London might require a personal appearance by a visa applicant. Still, there are provisions for using an alternate consulate, such as Madrid. Not enough facts here to know precisely who dropped the ball, but it serves as yet another wake-up call for artists' managers.

Daniel M. Kowalski, Bender's Immigration Bulletin - Daily Edition

Anonymous said...

Great Job DHS! Keepin' the terrorists out of 'Merica.

Anonymous said...

That's right anonymous. Just look at her. You don't know WHAT's in her water bottle!