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In Brief: Mother's Day Edition

Here is your regular Sunday selection of links to good things in Blogville and Beyond.

  • Michael Lodico points out that Peter Dobrin has a shiny new blog. Say what you like about Alec Baldwin's personal life, Dobrin shows that the actor cares about art and music. [ArtsWatch]

  • Of course, the most important thing happening right now is the NHL playoffs, and my Red Wings have been doing very well so far. (You can take the boy out of Michigan, but you cannot take Michigan out of the boy.) A friend, who has the misfortune of being an Avalanche fan, sends this hilarious video, re-subtitled to take place after Colorado's disastrous exit from the playoffs, thanks to the Wings. [YouTube]

  • Heh heh, La Cieca takes exception to an American opera company hiring a British mentor for its young artist program. Uses the word fuck several times. The comments are numerous and acidic. [Parterre Box]

  • I am so giving this link to my students: professor sues Dartmouth over the poor behavior of her students. [Dial "M" for Musicology]

  • "Mountains sit in a line. / Leonard! Bernstein!" Marc Geelhoed contrasts his memories of listening to Mahler's first symphony and R.E.M. [Deceptively Simple]

  • Via Tyler Green, a whole blog of nothing but photographs of people leaping in the air while in front of artworks. No, I'm not kidding. [Jumping in Art Museums]

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