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In Brief

Image produced at churchsigngenerator.comHere is your regular Sunday selection of links to good things in Blogville and Beyond. (Illustration via Monotonous Forest)

  • Having just spent much time last fall rehearsing and playing for a production of Bye-Bye, Birdie, this mash-up video of that musical with Wagner's Parsifal (!) caused flashbacks of the post-traumatic stress syndrome variety. It was made worse because at the time I was listening to Ian Bostridge sing Winterreise on my headphones, which was further mashed into the sonic abortion. [Parterre Box]

  • Sieglinde has screen shots of Alex Ross's appearance on Charlie Rose, with a hilarious running commentary. [Sieglinde's Diaries]

  • Via Boing Boing, some idiots dumped a few hundred thousand colored balls down the Spanish Steps in Rome. The video is one part whimsy and one part litter disaster. [decio]

  • By drawing $26 million from its trust, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra has paid off the mountain of accumulated debts and is back in the black. Ticket receipts under Marin Alsop are up, too. [Baltimore Sun]

  • "I listened often to Lorraine Hunt Lieberson's recording of Bach's cantata Ich habe genug (I Have Enough), especially the aria Schlummert ein (Fall Asleep). It happens to be a glorious piece, but it's also an extraordinary performance -- one that is blessed, and that blesses us." Dawn Upshaw speaks about music that inspired her as she battled breast cancer. [Minneapolis Star Tribune]

  • Is this a market trend? These stickers are usually reserved for cars, appliances or lingerie. I love a good culture sale. (Suggested by Mark Barry) [Flickr]

  • George Loomis reports on a new exhibit for the Korngold Centenary, The Korngolds: Cliché, Criticism and Composition at the Jüdisches Museum in Vienna (through May 18). [International Herald Tribune]


Anonymous said...

Charles, thanks for the nod! I have had more fun with that church sign generator offers endless possibilities.

Charles T. Downey said...

You're welcome, Bruce, and congrats on reaching your second anniversary of blogging. Keep up the good work!