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In Honor of Purple Hearts

In August, when most galleries slow down or close all together, not so at Jen Bekman’s tiny Lower East Side gallery. First, Bekman just announced the winners of the Summer '07 Hey, Hot Shot photo competition, something I mentioned in a previous post. Hot Shot is a fabulous opportunity for photographers to get in a NYC gallery group show, and even if you're not selected, throughout the month before the announcement of the winners, the gallery staff will load images and artist info on their Flickr site and blog, making for an exciting buildup to the exhibit. The show will be up from September 13th to the 16th, short but sweet.

Showing now at Bekman is Purple Hearts, photographer Nina Berman’s images and interviews with soldiers severely wounded in Iraq, including her award-winning Marine Wedding, shown here. The images are amazing, sensitive, and apolitical: they are a direct testament to the consequences of war.

Here is Holland Cotter's review in the New York Times.


Felix Turner said...

holy shit! Is that a real image? Very disturbing.

Mark Barry said...

Felix, Marine Wedding, is a very disturbing image, for many reasons, along with the rest of the images in this exhibit, an intense lonelyness, in this particular portrait, amazing love. Several commenters emailed me directly, instead of through the blog, as this image has welled up many emotions. It's very real.