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Freezing in fffff, NYC

The fashion of the day for Chelsea gallery cruising was woollen ski hats, gloves, and even a few ski masks. Dang, it was cold. I did my best to see as much art as possible, but the wind won this one.

Not to worry, I did see some amazing legs by Victor Skrebneski at Winkleman Gallery and eight really nice small paintings by Georges Lebar next door at Black and White Gallery. If you haven’t been to the terminal building yet, stop by: it’s an incredible location with seven or eight galleries so far and a new coffee shop, to sit and plan your gallery strategy.

Larry Zox

Stephen Haller has a small retrospective of the late Larry Zox’s paintings (shown above). I wasn’t familiar with his work, but he was a contemporary of Frank Stella and the many painters of that era. There are several very strong works in this show.

Perfect for a freezing day, James Cohan’s exhibit, Cosmologies, explores the various depictions of the human relationship to the universe, from 10th-century Mimbres pottery to the present. It’s a fascinating show, so take your time: the gallery is nice and warm.

There is some video of interest, including Sergio Prego at Lehmann Maupin, Robert Wilson at Paula Cooper: beautiful imagery. Jacco Oliver’s moving paintings are wonderful, and Uri Lev Aran has a video/poetry piece, at Moti Hasson’s new space on 25th Street, that I really enjoyed.

More painting I that liked a lot: Andrew Forge’s pointillist works at Betty Cunningham and L.A. painter John Sonsini’s Alice Neel-inspired portraits of Latino day laborers at Cheim Read. There are more images on my flickr site. I’ll have another post tomorrow, with images of Doug Aitken at MoMA.


libby said...

We heard the Zox was great from blogger J.T. Kirkland but didn't have time to get there. So I'm glad to see your image.

Mark Barry said...

The director, Stevn Haller was there and we spoke for a while about the work. I think the work is under valued at the time, but not for long. The color combonations were great.