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A Loner in SpadesWe are visiting family back in Michigan, and that means that we got here, had dinner, and watched the kids open their last few Christmas presents. Then we did the important things, like watching the Red Wings serve Dallas their vitals on a platter and, this being Michigan, sitting down to a family session of euchre at the dining room table.

There won't be any concert reviews this week, at least not from me, but we do have Classical Month in Washington (January) ready and some prewritten content to be posted for your daily dose of Ionarts. I brought some recordings along for reviewing, which I might get to if there is a long afternoon with children napping. Then again, an afternoon nap never hurt adults either, as far as I know. I may be going with some friends to watch the college hockey Great Lakes Invitational at Joe Louis Arena. I miss my home state: if you want to pay with Canadian currency, there is a Canadian will call at Joe Louis, of course, for our neighbors to the north.

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