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Monet Paints Rouen Cathedral

A little article (La cathédrale de Rouen illuminée, June 6) from France 2 Cultural News says that there is a special light show illuminating the Cathedral of Rouen in Normandy this summer, through September 17 (my translation):

The colors were inspired by the famous series of paintings by Claude Monet. Last year, the first time it was done, this spectacle, baptized "Monet's Cathedral in Pixels," had drawn 200,000 people to the square in front of the church. The show was conceived by designers Hélène Richard and Jean-Michel Quesne from the Skertzo group, specialists in light shows. Four enormous projectors illuminate the old Gothic structure, accompanied by Patrick Abrial's soundtrack, for a series of 12 paintings lasting about 15 minutes, which is repeated for an hour. The projectors are installed in one of the rooms used by Monet as a studio when, in 1892 to 1893, he painted his series of 30 canvases depicting the cathedral in many different lights and colors.
The article has a small image. The show starts at 11 pm in June and July, at 10:30 pm in August, and at 10 pm in September. We have two of the cathedral paintings here in Washington, at the National Gallery of Art: Rouen Cathedral, West Façade, 1894 and Rouen Cathedral, West Façade, Sunlight, 1894. The Getty has one, and so does the Met. You can see three more of them here.

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