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Chez André Breton

An article in Libération (Visite à André Breton, April 14), which appears to have disappeared into the virtual ether, got me interested in some new resources on the self-proclaimed Pope of Surrealism. (Since Breton's death, has anyone elected himself his successor?) No matter, since there is a set of nice images there, and some other links, including to the Atelier André Breton at 42, rue Fontaine, in Paris. You will not believe what you can find there, although you will need to register with them (it's free) to look at anything other than thumbnail images. There is actually no collection anymore, if I understand the Web site correctly, as most of the materials were sold off at auction in 2003. However, the association that has made the Web site is still making images of everything available for research. There is so much, however, that it takes a while to sift through it all with the search mechanism. I am still looking for an image, which I am not sure I can even find, of the African walking stick that Breton used to own, as described by Louis Aragon in Le paysan de Paris, on their walk to the Parc des Buttes Chaumont.

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