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Finnish Music

Hooray for Finland! Finnish-Canadian blogger Marja-Leena Rathje should be thrilled about Alex Ross's upcoming piece for The New Yorker on Finnish conductor Osmo Vänskä (who is "rëälly gööd"). Alex's mathematical exploration of the significance of symphonic attendance in one Finnish town is just the latest reason why you should be reading his blog regularly. Marja-Leena and I have traded posts before on the subject of Finnish music:

Judging from what Alex has to say, Finland is not only long on opera. He says he has "been listening to dozens of Finnish new-music CDs, and [is] working on a follow-up." That should make Marja-Leena, who is celebrating her one-year blogging anniversary, extra happy.

Marja-Leena has taken the Finnish thing I suggested her for her anniversary and run with it. Go over to her blog. Now.

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