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New Musical about Louis XIV

An unsigned article (Du King au Roi-Soleil, January 13) in Le Figaro has the following capsule (my translation):

Finally, in September, the buzz is strong for Le Roi-Soleil (The Sun-King), produced by Dove Attia and Albert Cohen (Les Dix Commandements and Autant en emporte le vent). A musical evocation of the reign of Louis XIV with choreography by Kamel OUali.
Ixchel Delaporte has a little article (Ridicule, January 10) for L'Humanité (my translation):
After having sponsored the musical comedies Les Dix Commandements and Autant en emporte le vent, TF1 is backing Le Roi-Soleil. Turning on the TV set Saturday morning, the viewer found himself face to face with a clip from this musical comedy. But at first sight, you hesitate. Is it the latest single from the students of Star Ac? The voices are shouts and the choreography looks like the one that students present in public every Friday. The young singer enters nonchalantly into a château. Inside, a swarm of young women is costumed like nobles of the 18th century. A young woman intones a song. All is in playback and sounds false. But your first impression was not wrong. It's Kamel Ouali, dance teacher from Star Ac, to whom we owe this horrible choreography. "The fabulous epic of the Sun-King" has inspired more than one of them, which is our bad luck. The clip is supposed to be broadcast another sixty times or so. Advertising overkill, TF1 style.
There is this interview with Dove Attia (Le Roi et lui, June 1, 2004) by Thierry Quinson for Regard en Coulisse. Star Ac, by the way, is the television show Star Academy, the French version, I think, of American Idol. The new musical is slated for a premiere in September.

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