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That's Good Reading: Fully Credited Links

Will the Scottish Opera's incredible revival decay into self-destruction? Bill Jamieson, in his article (Scottish Arts: Turning a drama into a crisis, August 20) for The Scotsman, offers some thoughts on that question, in the context of the general arts crisis in Scotland these days. (The coverage of the Scottish Opera at The Scotsman has been so thorough, they have a separate page to list all the articles.)

Color me jealous: Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes has been to the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas. He has news.

According to Michael Dirda's review (Madame Bovary, August 29) in our own Washington Post of Margaret Mauldon's new English translation, Flaubert's classic is the answer to the question, "World, which is the most perfect novel ever written?" Also, it is "the most controlled and beautifully articulated formal masterpiece in the history of fiction." (Thanks to Arts & Letters Daily for the link.) I didn't see anything offensive about the article, so I was a little surprised to see Stirling Newberry at Symphony X come out swinging (Michael Dirda gets diarrhea of the keyboard, August 30) with phrases like "fascism of print," "vomiting on the reader," and several others that aren't appropriate for a family blog.

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