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Recording for the Shakespeare Theatre

Henry IV, Part 2 at the Shakespeare TheatreLast month, I was involved in making a set of short recordings that can be heard during the new production of Henry IV, Part 2 at the Shakespeare Theatre here in Washington (playing until May 16). Composer Adam Wernick had written four short pieces with Latin texts for male chorus, which I and three other guys recorded for the production. One Monday night, we met in the Shakespeare Theatre's administrative building, where there is a rehearsal stage and a sound room. This recording was unlike any I had ever done before, since there were only four singers and we each stood at an individual microphone and wore headphones to hear the playback and each other. In fact, for one of the pieces we recorded each part on an individual track, which is a disconcerting experience, and for another we double-tracked each part with singers recording a different part each time, to create the illusion of a larger chorus.

My understanding is that one of the pieces will be played during the funeral of King Henry IV, when the image of a large cross being raised up will be seen (see image at left). Another piece is to be heard during a battle sequence, and the remaining two pieces that we recorded may or may not be used at all. If a reader sees this production, please let me know how the music was heard. A family member is going to see the play but not until May.

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