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BBC Catches Up

On December 21, in a post called Disney (Allegedly) Making Money off Other People's Ideas?, I scooped most English-language news sources by reporting a story on a comicbook artist in France suing Disney for stealing his idea in their film Finding Nemo. (No, I don't think I should get a Pulitzer for doing nothing but translating from an article in a French newspaper.) Four days later, BBC News ran the story (Disney sued in France over Nemo, December 24), and now articles have been published in The Financial Times (Jo Johnson, French author claims to have found something fishy in Walt Disney film, December 29) and by Reuters (Shiraz Sidhva, French author: 'Finding Nemo' plagiarism, December 30).

You can also read Valérie Lejeune et Gwenaelle Des Cognets-Trillat, Pierrot contre Nemo, in Le Figaro Magazine, on December 27.

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