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A Survey of Mozart Piano Sonata Cycles

Discographies on ionarts: Bach Organ Cycles | Beethoven Piano Sonata Cycles I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX | Bruckner Symphony Cycles | Dvořák Symphony Cycles | Shostakovich Symphony Cycles | Sibelius Symphony Cycles | Mozart Keyboard Sonata Cycles

02/20/2016: Updated from Walter Klien to Vlado Perlemutter. Alphabetical banners added for easier navigation.

02/11/2016: Pianists A through J are finished... the rest, from Walter Klien to Christian Zacharias, will be added over the next weeks.

01/29/2016: There are several new discographic entries under work. Mahler Symphony Cycles, almost obviously. Ditto Nielsen and Martinů as well as Bartók and Shostakovich String Quartet cycles. They just take so much darn time and even then they are rarely complete or mistake free. Neither will this one be, and every such post is also a plea to generously inclined readers with more information and knowledge of the subject than I have to lend a helping hand correcting my mistakes or filling data-lacunae. (I.e. will Yuko Hisamoto’s begun cycle be finished? Are there new, available editions of formerly hard-to-find sets?) I am grateful for any such pointers, hinters, and corrections.

Because I lack consistent data for when these cycles were recorded (I need the date of the earliest and the last included recording), I will list the sets alphabetically for now. As (or if) I gather enough information, I will want to set it up chronologically or else that only pianists with "Z" in the name continue to record.

Like the Beethoven Piano Sonata Cycle Survey, this is a mere "inventory" of what has been recorded and whether it is still available. Favorites are denoted with the "ionarts' choice" graphic. Unlike with earlier surveys, I will give each (meaningful) iteration of a cycle its own space, rather than listing only to the most recent re-issue. This is partly because with cycles going in and out of print, more than one may be available, depending on your location prices might differ, and perhaps most of all so that we can marvel at the covers and how they have evolved. (And remember: Ah, this is the one I have.) If cycles of one pianist are not given a differing roman numeral, then they are identical to all those that share that (lack of) numeral, even if they are on entirely different labels. Prices are approximate, reflect the situation on the secondary market, and are taken from AmazonUS.

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Walter Klien
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Tom Guidera said...

Hello, JFL,

I'd point to Klara Würtz and her complete Mozart Sonatas, on Brilliant, 2010.

Thank you.

Keep up the great work.

jfl said...

Thanks for the comment. She's definitely on my radar... alas, at "W", she'll have to wait a little while. In fact, she's third-to-last on my (alphabetical) list.

FRED said...

I think Mejoueva has just finished a set. Excellent. Plus don't forget Clara Sverner - also superb

jfl said...

Thanks much, Fred! Will include those when I get to it. Cheers & best,