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Advertisements on Ionarts

Those little ads at the top of the Ionarts page are often a mystery to me. For a long time, I would see ads for Fragonard posters, although there has never been any reference to that painter, I think, in this blog. However, for the most part, the ads seemed to be mostly related to the arts (except for the ad for Fragonard perfumes), so they never bothered me. For the past couple days, though, there has been this ad for an essay mill, which is offensive. Worse, this disreputable and immoral company advertises for "Egar Allan Poe Essays" (if it is not at the top of your screen, you may be able to see it here). Such attention to detail probably would not inspire confidence in potential clients, if they were already not so stupid as to be using an essay mill.

Best wishes to all for the New Year from Ionarts!

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