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Latest on Forbes: Bamberg - Blomstedt - Bruckner

The Bamberg Symphony and Herbert Blomstedt took Bruckner's Fifth Symphony on tour to four different cathedrals in Bavaria and Austria this summer.

…Perhaps I was thinking along those lines – or about the smoked beer from earlier – when I lost track of time and looked at my watch only five minutes before Blomstedt was to lift his baton up in the cathedral. I don’t remember when I last moved as fast. Off I was, running toward four-spired St.Peter & St. George… which of course has to be on top of one of the hills on which Bamberg is built. (When Bambergers go to Rome, they exclaim: “Oh, just like Bamberg!”) A gasping, melting mess I poured myself into the church bench, hoping that my heartbeat would keep quiet…

- > The Subtle Miracle Herbert Blomstedt And Bamberg's Cathedral Tour Of Bruckner

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