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Vivaldi Edition: 'Teuzzone'

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Vivaldi, Teuzzone,
Le Concert des Nations, J. Savall

(released on December 27, 2011)
Naïve OP 30513 | 2h50
Charles T. Downey, Vivaldi, Teuzzone
The Classical Review, February 10
Most of the releases in Naïve’s Vivaldi Edition, the fruit of a quixotic project to record all of Antonio Vivaldi’s music found in the manuscript collection of the Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria di Torino, are worthy additions to any library.

This has been true especially of the box sets devoted to the Venetian composer’s operas, a body of music that has finally laid to rest the misunderstanding that Vivaldi was only – or even primarily – a composer of instrumental concertos. For over a decade, Naïve has been enlisting Europe’s best historically-informed performance ensembles to record the operas as they are sorted and catalogued by scholars – occasionally for the first time, almost always in the best possible performances available. (The cover art, featuring attractive models in unusual costumes, only adds to the appeal.)

In some cases, the cover model’s appearance is not entirely unrelated to the opera in question. In an authoritative booklet essay, scholar Frédéric Delaméa labels the latest opera in the Vivaldi Edition, Teuzzone, as “Vivaldi’s Turandot.”
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